Increase Targeted Web Traffic With Backlinks

In order to increase targeted web traffic to your site, it is vital that you build backlinks! Here’s the catch though, getting links from other websites can be problematic. But today I want to give you 2 creative methods that you can implement to get more backlinks, and increase targeted web traffic to your site.

Building Mini Blogs And Websites
A great way to gain backlinks is to build blogs and have them pointing towards your website. Blogs are great because there is no cost in setting them up, the traffic they provide is free, and they are highly visible throughout the blogosphere.

A great example of this is people creating Blogger blogs around 6 or so highly relevant keywords, which in turn gets listed and provides good traffic and backlinks. But that is just one example, the list goes on and on for other mini site ideas that you can implement in order to increase targeted web traffic to your site. 구글광고대행

Increase Targeted Web Traffic By Submitting Articles
Now I know the method I mentioned above for building backlinks may appear a bit overwhelming. So here is a much easier method to build backlinks and in turn increase targeted web traffic to your website. That is submitting articles to article directories, and having them link back to your website.

The trick I find with this method is to write great quality original content, and submit it to the highest page ranked article directories online. Each time you submit an aritcle to a directory it provides you with one backlink back to your website.

I must stress at this point not to submit the same article to different article directories. This is because some article directories will not accept an article unless it is 100% original. The second reason is Google will not count the article as a backlink to your website as it is duplicate content. I know the jury is still out on this, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

How Many Articles?
How many article directories should you submit to? Well the view of the top internet marketers out there is that quality backlinks reign supreme over quantity. Going out and spamming your link with thousands of low page rank irrelevant backlinks is a big no no!

The best way to do this without getting in trouble is to submit an original article to 5 or 10 article directories, and point them back to a relevant page on your site. If you keep doing this over time, Google will consider your number of backlinks as normal in relation to the age of your website.

This Google love will benefit you in the long run as your website will be pushed higher up the search engine rankings, this alone will increase targeted web traffic to your web site significantly.